Donate Food

Food Safety

Worried About Liability?

There's no danger in donating food to City Harvest. Both New York State and the federal government have laws protecting donors from liability. And City Harvest asks all agencies to sign an agreement accepting food "as is," which further limits liability. Read both laws.

City Harvest Practices Food Safety

imageAt City Harvest we take our responsibility to you and the people we serve very seriously. Donating food to City Harvest isn't only smart, it's safe.

  • All of our drivers are trained to handle food safely.
  • Our trucks are refrigerated to keep food at safe temperatures.
  • We train all recipient agencies in safe food preparation and handling.
  • Agency kitchens are evaluated for their food safety practices.
  • City Harvest's staff includes a registered dietitian and professional chef who make food safety a paramount concern.

Click here to learn more about City Harvest's food safety practices.