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City Harvest relies on the partnership and generosity of the food industry to help us fight hunger in New York City. The chefs and restaurants included in the 2015 edition of Great Food, Good Hearts donate some of the city's best food, and help raise funds and awareness for our fight against hunger. Plus, this year’s edition includes informative tips from of the city’s best chefs, all in the form of tweets! We hope the 2015 guide will serve as a helpful resource when you consider places to dine around New York City.

Request your complimentary guide today and support restaurants that fight hunger in New York City.

Email [email protected] with your name and mailing address, and a guide will be mailed to you for free. Interested in more than one guide? Let us know how many guides you would like in your email and we will arrange shipping with you.

Thank you for your support and bon appétit!

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Click here for a full listing of our Quickserve Restaurants and Casual Dining establishments that support our work in New York City.