Facts About Hunger

More than 1.2 million New Yorkers face hunger every year, including close to one in five New York City children.

The economy may have improved these last several years, but New York’s poverty and unemployment rates remain high.  For many, income hasn’t kept up with the rising cost of living: 42% of New York City households – 2.7 million men, women and children – lack the income needed to cover basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, and childcare.

“I live in Manhattan with my husband and daughter. She is seven years old. My husband is a handyman – does electrical work, painting, and carpentry. The hardest thing about living in New York is the food! We get food stamps (SNAP), but they are not enough, especially since I have my daughter. Fruits and vegetables are so expensive.”

Fatima, Mother of three in Manhattan

“I’ve lived here a really long time – maybe 30 or 40 years. I live with my son, and I also take care of my grandchildren full time. Today, I am getting food enough to feed five people. I come to the pantry every two weeks. Sometimes I also get food for my neighbors who are elderly and can’t walk.”

Georgia Lynn, City Harvest food recipient

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have a lot of fresh produce. We mostly ate canned food from the local bodega. Now I go back to my old neighborhood to deliver food. People love it because they’re able to cook at home with this fresh produce.”

Mike Smith, City Harvest Driver

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