City Harvest's Response to Hurricane Sandy

Since October 31, 2012, City Harvest has delivered more than seven million pounds of food in direct response to Hurricane Sandy, in addition to our regular deliveries. We’ve also worked closely with the food pantries and soup kitchens in our network to help them rebuild after the storm.

City Harvest faced our own storm-related challenges, including significant damage to our fleet and refrigeration compressors. Less than 72 hours after Sandy made landfall, City Harvest was operating at 100% capacity. With a fleet of 19 rented trucks on the road making pickups and deliveries, we distributed some 315,000 pounds of food in the first three days of the recovery e¬ffort to help feed our neighbors in need. At the same time, our Food Sourcing team secured more than 20 tractor trailer loads of food to be delivered to our Facility in the following days, as additional food donations began pouring in from all over the country.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our food donors and supporters, and through partnerships with the Red Cross, the Mayor's Office, Office of Emergency Management, FEMA, and other anti-hunger organizations, City Harvest was immediately able to be on the front line of the recovery efforts in New York City, delivering millions of pounds of much needed food to New Yorkers affected by Sandy in each of the five boroughs.

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