There are 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger today. That means there are 1.4 million reasons to believe in City Harvest. What’s yours?

When cuts to social service programs were proposed in the federal budget in May, our Board of Directors jumped into action. They issued a challenge, and inspired people like you to join with them to ensure that our trucks will be on the road and full of food for anyone who needs it. Thanks to your generosity, we met that challenge. You have helped us ensure that we can keep 5.6 million pounds of food good from going to waste and instead feed hungry New Yorkers. You not only contributed your dollars but also your voices by sharing why you believe in City Harvest and the work we do together.

One New Yorker wrote, “I believe in City Harvest because, in New York City, there is certainly enough money and food to feed its people. The greatness of a community depends on the care it takes of its people. We could all do more in different ways.” All of us at City Harvest couldn’t agree more.

We will continue to watch what happens in Washington and keep you informed. We know that thousands of families, seniors and children are relying on us every day to put food on the table, and any cuts to social services will deeply impact the ability of those individuals to cover basic needs. By working together, we will ensure that our neighbors always have a place to turn to fill their plates, no matter what happens.




My first time at a Mobile Market – I was preparing fried rice with vegetables, a dish chosen based on the produce available that day. It was overwhelming to see what a simple dish could mean to people!
I believe in City Harvest because they help me and my wife feed our family. It’s very helpful to me as a father.
I believe in City Harvest because, quite simply, we help feed people.
With every bag of food I handed out at my first Mobile Market, I knew I was handing out hope, and with every smile I got in return, I could feel exactly what it means to believe in City Harvest.
I believe in City Harvest because they go beyond the call to help New Yorkers we may not be able to reach.
I believe in City Harvest because they unite families with simple hands-on activities that promote healthier food habits.
I believe in City Harvest because they combine creative nutrition education with healthy food access… a winning recipe.
I believe in City Harvest because it makes New York City a better place to live for those struggling to put food on the table.
What I save on food, I can use for my medications.
I believe in City Harvest because standing alongside the restaurant community, I know that we can drive hunger out of New York City.
I believe in City Harvest because they help me stay healthy. I am 81 and I never get sick. I eat an orange and an apple everyday and I stay feeling good.
I believe in City Harvest because they're able to take difficult to market produce from my farm and deliver it to so many people who need and appreciate it, versus being wasted.