Generation Harvest

Generation Harvest is a committee of young philanthropists who are passionate about City Harvest and its mission to fight hunger in New York City. This leadership group reinforces City Harvest's work by hosting events, as well as developing and supporting initiatives that raise money and broaden the organization's support base.

Generation Harvest members cultivate individual donors and expand City Harvest's relationships with corporations, especially in fields that are currently underdeveloped. The group works to increase donor engagement by building awareness of hunger as one of New York City's most critical issues. Additionally, Generation Harvest explores other revenue channels by working on fundraising and awareness programs that leverage City Harvest's connections throughout New York City.

Email us to learn more about Generation Harvest.

Generation Harvest Members

Dana Aidekman, Birchbox
Greg Buhay, Barclays
Justin Chan, Palantir
Lauren Coape-Arnold, Guggenheim Partners
Victoria Feltman, Apple to Zucchini
Ari Horowitz, Hudson Palm
Chloe Jacobs, BlackRock
Pooja Kapoor, Google
Kyle Kniffen, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Lauren Marra, J.P. Morgan
Patrick Mauro
Tina Naser, Pure Impact
Adina Newman
Anthony Rallo, Yahoo
James Riviezzo, AIG
Lauren Rome, Goldman Sachs
Nick Slavin, Surface Hotels/Curacity Inc.
Amy Straus, Compass
John R. Tyson
Dana Zukofsky, BDO