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We believe that all New Yorkers should have equal access to healthy, affordable food.

City Harvest partners with advocates, community-based organizations, and public officials across the city, state, and country to advocate for policies that address hunger and its root causes.

Our work is guided by our policy platform, and we envision a future wherein all New Yorkers have the food that they need to feed themselves and their families.

In the last year, our Policy and Advocacy team:


Met with local, state, and federal elected officials over 60 times to discuss legislative priorities


Submitted public testimony to all levels of government nine times to advocate for investments in anti-hunger programs


Ran 11 free workshops for our food pantry partners and their clients to help our community partners build their advocacy capacity


Awarded our 3rd annual City Harvest Advocacy Awards recognizing our community partners’ advocacy work


Held our inaugural City Harvest Advocacy Summit to further strengthen advocacy work among our partners

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Our Policy Platform

  • #1: Address the Root Causes of Hunger

    Advocate for policies that end hunger by addressing its root causes and confronting systemic inequities that disproportionately impact food insecure communities 

  • #2: Strengthen Government Programs

    Strengthen and expand eligibility for income-based government benefit programs so that all New Yorkers can feed themselves and their families, ensuring that benefits reflect the true cost of living  

  • #3: Bolster NYC’s Charitable Food Network

    Ensure that New York City’s food pantry, soup kitchen, and shelter networks have the resources to provide access to culturally desirable and religiously required (including Halal and Kosher) to all food insecure New Yorkers.  

  • #4: Create an Equitable and Sustainable Food System

    Advocate for a food system that benefits workers, growers, and businesses that value their workforce, the environment, health and nutrition, and the local economy.

    Read our full Policy Platform.

Advocacy Archive

Learn more about our past policy and advocacy efforts.

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