Get Piggy With It at Butcher Bar – $5,000

Get Piggy With It at Butcher Bar

Helps feed nearly 14,000 New Yorkers for a day

Grab a knife and get ready to slice into an authentic experience with the Butcher’s Pig Roast at Butcher Bar, where you and your party of nine friends will help carve your pig! No knives? No problem—you’ll be outfitted with all the gear and swag needed to have the time (and pork) of your lives! There is no better way to be immersed in the unique experience of Butcher Bar, renowned for their pasture raised, high quality meats sourced from small scale, sustainable local farms. Along the way, you’ll enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and artisanal Moonshine! Not to mention all of Butcher Bar’s famous BBQ, including their amazing appetizers, yummy desserts, and “infamous” Burnt Ends, a.k.a. “Meat Candy!”

Details: Available to redeem Mondays–Thursdays. Not offered on holidays, including May 31, during the month of July, or on September 6 and October 11.

To reserve this package, fill out this form or contact us at [email protected].

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