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Update: Time Limits to SNAP

Under this rule, individuals between the ages of 18 and 49 who are not eligible for disability and do not have children, elderly parents, or other dependents, cannot receive more than 3 months of SNAP benefits in a 3-year period unless they work, volunteer, or participate in job training for at least 80 hours a month (20 hours per week).

This change, which eliminates flexibility the federal government gave to states in response to the 2008 recession, is expected to cut SNAP benefits for 688,000 people across the country who are struggling to find jobs—including 70,000 New Yorkers. It will also take away $150 million from our local economy, hurting small businesses that reIy on income from SNAP benefits redeemed at stores.

We oppose this policy, and the Administration’s continued attacks on SNAP, which roll back all the progress made by the 2018 Farm Bill and threaten to increase food insecurity among thousands of low-income New Yorkers and people across the country. As the Administration continues to enact harmful policies that threaten critical support systems, including SNAP, which millions of people in the country rely on, we will continue to advocate for the people we serve.

At this time, and until April 1, there are no changes to SNAP eligibility and benefits. If you will be affected by this rule, please know that you can continue to count on SNAP for now. Visit New York City’s ACCESS HRA for more information and to apply for SNAP.

We will keep monitoring the issue, working closely with Feeding America, the City of New York and our partners across the city and country to continue to oppose this policy and evaluate options to take action against it.

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