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Call on Congress to Pass a Farm Bill That Strengthens Anti-Hunger Programs

Food Is a Basic Human Right. Tell Congress to Pass a Strong Farm Bill That Strengthens Programs That Fight Hunger and Put People First.

The Farm Bill is a critical piece of legislation that regulates nutrition safety net programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), farm subsidies, grants, and incentives for different community-led food projects and food retail models, agriculture and food security research, and other critical aspects of our nation’s food system. SNAP and other anti-hunger benefit programs account for over 75% of the Farm Bill’s budget, making the Farm Bill one of the most vital federal legislations for tackling hunger. Organizations like City Harvest cannot tackle hunger alone and SNAP is a proven program that helps feed countless people in our city and across the nation. According to Feeding America, of which City Harvest is a member, SNAP provides access to 9 meals for every meal that the charitable food system provides. Every $1 in SNAP has a direct impact on the local economy as it translates into about $1.70 of economic activity at local corner stores and supermarkets. Renewed every five years, the next iteration of the Farm Bill is currently being negotiated and will be passed in 2023.

With millions of New Yorkers struggling to keep up with the rising true cost of living while grappling with the loss of pandemic-era anti-poverty interventions, such as the expiration in March 2023 of expanded SNAP benefits, it is essential that our leaders in Washington, D.C., pass a Farm Bill that strengthens and expands access to SNAP and invests in community-led initiatives to address hunger in New York City and across the country.

Join City Harvest in uplifting anti-hunger priorities in the Farm Bill. Please sign the petition and share with a friend.

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