Who is City Harvest?


City Harvest's staff includes drivers, nutritionists, dispatchers, food safety experts and administrative and support staff. These are the people who do the everyday work that keeps
City Harvest running smoothly and efficiently. Meet our senior staff.


Volunteers are the heart of City Harvest. They help with deliveries and office work, collect surplus food, line up new food donors, organize food drives, and much more.

City Harvest was begun by volunteers, and we couldn't operate without them. Find out how you can become a City Harvest volunteer and help this terrific cause.

Board of Directors

A select group of committed professionals sits on the Board of Directors. They set policy for the organization and work closely with the staff.

Food Council

The City Harvest Food Council is made up of New York City food professionals, including four-star chefs and food executives from the city’s finest restaurants and businesses. These are the people who create some of the best food in the entire world, and they’ve dedicated themselves to City Harvest’s mission.

The Food Council works to increase the quality and quantity of food donations, enhance City Harvest’s image among donors, and help City Harvest reach its fundraising goals.

Generation Harvest

Generation Harvest is a group of young professionals who stand with City Harvest in our fight against hunger in New York City. See a list of our Generation Harvest members.