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We believe that all New Yorkers should have equal access to healthy, affordable food.

Through our work across New York City’s five boroughs, we have a unique perspective on the needs of communities affected by hunger.

Our Policy and Advocacy team engages elected officials at the city, state, and federal levels to help inform policies that address hunger and food insecurity; advocate for equity and inclusion in the decision-making process that shapes the local food system; and activate our partners across the city to ensure that residents stay informed about anti-hunger policies and programs. 

To learn more about our policy and advocacy efforts, contact us at [email protected] or 646.412.0790. 

Read City Harvest’s 2023 Policy Platform

We advocate in NYC, Albany, and DC for policies that fight hunger, decrease the demand for emergency food, and shorten food pantry lines.

Call on Congress to Pass a Farm Bill That Strengthens Anti-Hunger Programs

It is essential that our leaders in DC pass a Farm Bill that strengthens and expands access to SNAP and invests in community-led initiatives to address hunger.

Joint Statement in Response to the 2024 NYC Executive Budget

The FY24 NYC budget agreement signed by Mayor Adams included needed investments in anti-hunger efforts.

Joint Statement in Response to 3 Million New Yorkers Losing Emergency Food Benefits on March 1

Pandemic-related expansions to SNAP that went into effect in March 2020 expired on February 28, 2023.

Joint Statement on 2023 State of the City Address

For the first time in more than 50 years, the White House hosted a Conference on food insecurity.

White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition,
and Health

For the first time in more than 50 years, the White House hosted a Conference on food insecurity.

City Harvest’s Advocacy
Awards 2022

City Harvest’s advocacy team supports a citywide network of nearly 400 food pantry and soup kitchen leaders in advocating against hunger and its root causes.

Webinar on Child Nutrition Reauthorization with Equity Advocates

This plan is an important step towards building long-term resiliency for communities that were in need prior to the crisis, especially Black, Latinx and Asian New Yorkers who are twice as likely to face food hardships.

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