We believe that all New Yorkers should have equal access to healthy, affordable food.

Through our work across New York City’s five boroughs over the past 38 years, we have a unique perspective on the needs of communities affected by hunger.

We’re working with partners in communities across the city to ensure that residents stay informed about anti-hunger policies and programs, and we’re advocating for equity and inclusion in the decision making process that shapes the local food system. In addition, we engage elected officials at the city, state and federal levels to help shape policies that address hunger and food insecurity.

Communicating with City, State, and Congressional elected officials is an effective way to build, strengthen, and protect policies that support food access for all New Yorkers. We’ve put together a primer on how to get involved—check it out.

Want to learn more about our policy and advocacy efforts? Contact us at [email protected] or 646.412.0790.

We are heartened by President Biden's executive order reviewing the Public Charge rule, but immigrant New Yorkers cannot wait.

Ask President Biden to End the Public Charge Rule Today

President Biden's executive order expanding SNAP and increasing the P-EBT for all children in public school is an important step toward ensuring food secure futures for everyone in our country.

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We joined many of NYC's leading anti-hunger and food systems organizations to host candidates for mayor at the nonpartisan Mayoral Food Forum 2021 on February 9, hosted by Errol Louis.

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The passage of the COVID-19 emergency relief package on December 20 was an important step in dealing with surging food insecurity in NYC and across the country.

COVID-19 Relief Package

Learn more about federal legislation enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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