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Nutrition Education Programs and Activities

We partner with community organizations in all five boroughs to offer a diverse array of programs and activities, all free of charge, that teach the New Yorkers we serve how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals and shop for healthy foods on a budget.

Though in-person programs are temporarily suspended during COVID-19, you can access recipes and nutrition tips, and sign up for free virtual classes 

One-Time Workshops

Our nutrition education team hosts workshops with many of our community partners. The Eat Healthy, Be Active curriculum includes six workshops. These are offered as a series of six classes or as individual workshops. In these workshops, participants learn nutrition information, budgeting skills, and physical activity tips. 

Sign up for upcoming virtual Eat Healthy, Be Active workshops.

Six-Week Courses

We partner with a wide array of community partners, including libraries, schools, community centers, and agencies, to host six-week-long workshops where participants learn culinary, nutrition, and budgeting skills. In each class, a volunteer chef leads families, parents, adults, teenagers, and children in making a recipe while a volunteer nutritionist teaches relevant nutrition principles. Participants take home books from our Cooking Matters® curriculum and enjoy a tasty meal that we all cook together. Courses meet once a week for two hours over six weeks.  

This sixweek course focuses on both nutrition and culinary skills. If you are looking for a more handson approach, this is the course for you! Sign up for upcoming virtual courses. 

Cooking Demonstrations

Our nutrition education team offers cooking demonstrations at our program sites, our Mobile Markets, and online. With the help of our volunteers, our nutrition educators demonstrate knife skills, budgeting tips, and how to make healthier choices, all while preparing an easy, delicious recipe that participants can sample. Participants also receive a recipe to take home. 

If you like to watch and learn but only have a short amount of time to spare, this is the activity for you! Our cooking demonstrations are currently being offered online due to COVID-19. Sign up here.

Shopping Tours

Our staff and volunteers lead free hour-long shopping tours at local supermarkets throughout the five boroughs. Participants learn tips on budgeting, reading food labels, picking out fruits and vegetables, and making healthier food choices. At the end of each tour, participants receive a $10 credit to shop following the MyPlate food group guidelines 

Our shopping tours are a great complement to our sixweek course since participants review what they learned in class in a reallife setting. This activity is a fun experience and puts your learning to the test. See handouts on budgeting tips, and sign up for upcoming virtual tours. 

Virtual Classes

Anyone can sign up for our virtual classes, detailed below, here.

Eat Healthy, Be Active Workshops

This sixweek series of workshopfocuses on nutrition information, budgeting tips, and staying active. Participants will join this one-hour class virtually every week. Topics include eating away from home, meal planning, stocking your pantry, and losing weight.  

Cooking Matters® at the Store 

Hear tips to stretch your food budget and learn how to get tasty, healthy food for the best value. You will learn how to read a nutrition label, compare prices, and make the best purchasing decisions for you and your family. Join us for this free one-hour virtual activity, offered in English and Spanish. 

Cooking Matters® for Adults and Kids 

Cook alongside a City Harvest nutrition educator then have fun learning about healthy eating through an engaging activity. These hands-on classes offer ageappropriate recipes and activities. Join us for this 90-minutes virtual activity weekly for six weeks. 

Are you a community organization interested in hosting a nutrition education program or activity? Contact us at [email protected] or 646.277.7801.