High Holidays Food Drive

September 1 – September 30, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish New Yorkers live below or only slightly above the poverty line. Help City Harvest make sure no one in our city goes hungry over the High Holidays. Run a kosher food drive and City Harvest will deliver the food you collect to kosher food pantries across the city.

To start your High Holidays drive, contact Jeanne Traugot, Senior Manager of Food Sourcing, at 646.412.0755 or [email protected]

How to Plan a Food Drive

- Choose collection sites that are both highly visible and secure.
- Call 646.412.0758 or email us to arrange a pickup date for City Harvest to collect the donations. City Harvest will send one of our food rescue trucks to pick up donations of more than 100 pounds. Please give one or two names as contacts for our drivers, to make sure the pickup runs smoothly.
- Put up City Harvest food drive posters at the collection sites a week or two before the start of the drive--we'll supply the posters, just call 646.412.0758, email us, or download the poster here.
- All types of canned and packaged goods are welcome, but no perishable foods or glass (with the exception of baby food) please! This helps keep your collection site insect-free and ensures that all food collected is safe for consumption.
- City Harvest collects food exclusively, though we can recommend programs which accept clothes and toys.

Be creative with your food drive and HAVE FUN!

Tips for Planning a Food Drive

Get the word out:

  • Establish a goal: If you held a food drive before, try to increase this year's total by 25%, and let people know the goal so they're a part of it!
  • Advertise: with posters, announcements, and flyers. City Harvest can supply you with posters. Call 646.412.0758, email us or download a poster here
  • Send an email to employees every day during the week(s) of your drive. Try doing it before they go out to lunch, and provide a list of stores in the neighborhood where they can buy non-perishable foods.
  • Set up collection boxes in high-traffic areas.
  • Give each participant a bag or box to take home and fill with food.
  • Create a paycheck insert, which includes food drive information.

Challenge them! People respond to a challenge and often work harder to reach their goal if there is an element of competition. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find another company or another department to challenge. Set the "stakes" high and everyone will want to play to win!
  • Offer a prize for the group that brings in the most donations, such as letting the winning department wear casual attire for a day.
  • Ask your corporation to match employees' food donations with a cash donation to City Harvest. For every pound of food employees donate, your corporation can pledge $1 (or more!) to City Harvest.
For more information or to schedule a food pickup, please call 646.412.0758 or email our Food Sourcing Team.