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City Harvest Art Initiative

As part of the Cohen Community Food Rescue Center, City Harvest has launched the City Harvest Art Initiative (CHAI) to integrate art from local artists into our new home. With the help of our community, our art program, including pieces from nine artists, celebrates and reflects our work, our community, and the New Yorkers we serve. This collection was curated by 3Walls in collaboration with emphas!s design.

Our Artistic Partners

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Cey Adams

“I want people to feel uplifted. I knew those bright orange carrots would be beautiful; the green lettuce, the peas, that purple garlic.”

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Adrian Brandon

“It’s beautiful to see that form of happiness and joy and independence in black and brown communities.”

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Sarah E. Brook

“I wanted words that would be nourishing and inspiring. I wanted to offer a space for people to be reminded of how miraculous it is what they pull off.”

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Jessica Dalrymple

“I see many connections between rescuing green spaces and rescuing food.”

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Patti Grabel

“My grandmother taught me that a spoon extends your hand, your heart and your soul.”

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“I knew the importance of what City Harvest does for New York City. I stared at the wall and I immediately knew what I was going to do.”

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Sui Park

“Together, they look like our community—they are like cells and they connect to each other to create a perfect shape.”

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Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

“Art allows us to imagine beautiful futures, including the one that I depict, where we can all have good food, good health.”

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Natasha May Platt

“The plants that I paint are connecting to each other. And that’s how I see life.”

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